Why I Stopped Reading Get Rich Slowly After J.D. Roth Left

When I first started reading personal finance articles, a website called “Get Rich Slowly” that was founded by J.D. Roth became one of the personal finance sites that I would read on a daily basis. J.D. had a great way of explaining his plans to get out of debt and documenting each step he took on his journey, often taking the time to explain how your relationship with money seeps into your relationship with others, attitude toward work, general self-esteem and contentment with life, and so on. Because he was brutally honest in acknowledging his mistakes along the way, he developed a huge following. His personal touch definitely gave his website that “it” factor that separated his blog from the generic financial content that is commonplace on the internet.

Anyway, after J.D.’s website took off and his passion for writing personal finance articles began to decline (he has multiple posts … Read the rest of this article!