Why You Should Follow Greg McFarlane At Control Your Cash

It can be difficult to make a name for yourself in the sphere of personal finance writing. In a way, writing about investing and general money-related philosophies is a lot like writing about weight loss. Just as weight loss tips are all some variation of “restrict calories/ exercise more”, everything in personal finance eventually boils down to some variation of “spend less than you earn, and do something intelligent with the difference.”

But Greg McFarlane at Control Your Cash is different. He writes in a raucous tone that encourages investors to think in terms of intelligent behavior, rather than what is typical. McFarlane writes in a style that points out the opportunity costs of every financial decision you make, often in a style that people don’t want to hear. Plan on spending $30,000 on a wedding? McFarlane is going to tell you that $30,000 compounded at 8.25% for 40 years … Read the rest of this article!