Is Blue-Chip Dividend Investing Right For You?


Yikes. Unfortunately I’ve been tending to some of my fun real-life summer plans the past couple of days, and I have not gotten a chance to set aside as much time for writing as I would like. Usually, I try to have my posts on autoset weeks in advance, but for some reason, the “hole” for July 30th was left unplugged.   And since I have been building some nice momentum in terms of page views lately, I wanted to put something out there today.

Anyway, long story short, I dug up an answer I gave in the “comments” section to one of my Seeking Alpha articles, and it is the most well received commented I have ever written, having registered over forty “likes” as of the last time I checked. I had received a question from a young twenty-something that was wondering how to approach investing now that he … Read the rest of this article!