Never Sell Your Intellectual Property

I recently visited the website of a graphic designer who was clearly very talented and had a portfolio of different logos, trademarks, and other artistic intellectual property that he had created on behalf of small and medium-sized businesses as well as for sports team and individuals in the entertainment world.

While his artistic talents were within the realm of what you would expect to see from a professional, what really impressed me is the pricing mechanism for his renderings. He charged a flat fee in cash, or an alternative arrangement available that was one-third cash and one-third stock. For instance, if he designed a Christmas decoration for Coca-Cola, then Coca-Cola could either pay him $3,000 or $1,000 in cash plus $1,000 in Coke stock.

It is a brilliant way for a graphic designer to behave in a way that reflects the limited bargaining power of artistic types in the business Read the rest of this article!