What Ryan Braun’s Season-Ending Suspension Can Teach Us About Personal Finance

For those of you that follow baseball, you may have caught wind of the recent news that Milwaukee Brewers Ryan Braun recently received a season-ending suspension (65 games) for his link to the Biogenesis Lab that violated league policy concerning performance-enhancing substances (as of my writing this on July 23rd, 2013, the specific details regarding dosages has not been publicly disclosed). But what is noteworthy about Braun’s case is that it yet again proves the trope “it’s not the crime that causes the biggest headache, rather, it’s the cover-up).

If you have watched ESPN at all in the past 24 hours, you must have seen the February 2012 clip of Braun playing the victim card after his urine sample reportedly contained excessive amounts of testosterone, while Braun proclaimed his own innocence and facilitated the firing of the lab technician for improperly transporting Braun’s urine sample.


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