The Uber IPO’s High Risk

Jeremy Siegel’s research into initial public offerings, which found that IPOs underperform the market by four percentage points annually during the five-year stretch following the IPO, speaks to the elevated valuations and hype that occur at the time of the offering. Most notably, Warren Buffett’s 1990s talk to Florida MBA students mentioned that Coca-Cola IPO’d in 1919 at a price of $40 per share, and then fell by over 50% to $19 per share the next year. For your own research, pull up the stock performance history of companies that have had an IPO at some point over the past decade and you will typically see the price droop in the years following the IPO.

I understand why Uber has become popular in recent years. It has displaced the taxi industry and seems to be the apex of the Modern Millennial Company.

The problem is that, from 1974 through 2018, … Read the rest of this article!