Is Dividend Stock Investing Too Simple and Easy?

When I first began to study investing, and began to learn about individual stocks, one of the first things that hit me about dividend growth investing is how obvious it was. When I read something about dividend growth investing, I feel like Thomas Jefferson could take a break from “declaring these truths self-evident” and start narrating an e-Book about why it makes sense to load up your portfolio with Procter & Gamble, Chevron, and Colgate-Palmolive.

When Warren Buffett gave lectures following his “The Superinvestors of Graham and Doddsville” speech, he explained that value investing (i.e. the pursuit of paying two or three quarters to buy dollar bills) is either something that immediately grabs you, or it doesn’t.

I think that blue-chip investing is the same way.

When you go to the gas station, you are immediately intrigued by owning Exxon, Chevron, Shell, Conoco, and BP, or you’re not.

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