Dividends Really Are Like Snowballs

snowballOur entire investing future is a product of three things:

(1) The amount of money we invest.

(2) The growth rate of our investment.

(3) The amount of time we allow an investment to grow.

The higher we can get each of those three elements, the more we will have (note: I am not claiming that amassing the largest fortune should be your goal. It is all about utility. Warren Buffett used to joke that even a seemingly unassailable virtue like delayed gratification has its limits because, hey, you cannot save sex for old age. A $100,000 in the hands of a twenty-five year old could be much more valuable than $300,000 in the hands of an eighty year-old. The key to investing, and life in general, is finding the right calibration between satisfying your current and future self to the best of your ability).

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