Why Mattress Stores Are Everywhere

The profit margins that mattress stores are able to achieve are absolutely staggering. If you want to earn obscene returns on capital in life, it seems that selling bottled water, operating a surgical center, providing printer ink to customers, selling designer handbags, and having an interest in a mattress store is the way to go.

In 2018, the difference between the cost of production and the cost to the end buyer is approximately 12.23x. If you pay $800 for a mattress, you can reasonably guess that the mattress store paid somewhere around $65 from the wholesaler. And then, of course, there are the luxury $3,500 mattresses that only cost $250-$300 to manufacture, the single sale of which can pay for half of a mattress store’s rent.

With the average price in the United States selling for $768, at an average cost to the retailer of $64.32, the mere sale of Read the rest of this article!