The Search for 20% Annual Returns

As some of you know, I analyze and discuss attractive stocks in the market over on Patreon, which you can assess here. However, since I have done a terrible job of marketing it, I wanted to include an excerpt from an entry I posted earlier today, with the name of the stock redacted for the obvious reason:

“The company, which earned $2.65 per share in profits in 2015 during its first full year as a standalone publicly traded corporation, is expected to earn $3.85 per share in profits this year, which is a growth rate of 13.26% annualized. And those profits are going to be somewhere north of $2.5 billion in 2018–for a size comparison, Coca-Cola earns a little over $9 billion in annual profits, making [redacted] so massive that it is one-fourth the size of the corporation that brings the world 3.5% of its consumable beverage supply. People don’t Read the rest of this article!