Why Recipe Blogs Contain Stories Before The Recipe

If you do your own cooking, you will find yourself googling recipes. This sounds like a boring, rudimentary task. If you are trying to make chocolate chip cookies, you won’t merely find a website telling you how to combine flour, eggs, sugar, and vanilla. Instead, you find paragraphs of complete nonsense and inane observations for paragraphs on end that precede that actual recipe.

For instance, one of the top Google search selections for a “chocolate chip cookie recipe” takes you to the website “Two Twenty One Net” where you encounter this prelude:

“My friend Rachel, from Maybe Matilda, did crack me up by saying, ‘Your baked goods are the Victoria’s Secret models of the culinary world.  Mine are the Danny DeVito’s’. I think part of the reason why my cookies come out looking like the Victoria’s Secret models of the culinary world is because of my AirBake cookie … Read the rest of this article!