A Stock Does Not Know You Own It


One of the oldest Wall Street aphorisms is this: “A stock does not know you own it.” Usually, this quote crops up during a conversation between someone who got burned by an investment in a particular company and another person that is looking to initiate a position in that company.

I’ve always shied away from using the phrase “A stock does not know you own it” because, in my experience, its connotation has always been negative, involving some investor lecturing someone else for making a bad investment.

The classic case study example of this is General Electric. Over the past five or so years, it has really burned investors. That is because the company’s P/E ratio has fallen from above 20 to 16 while simultaneously experiencing a horrific liquidity crisis in 2008 when the GE Capital arm of the company almost brought the industrial side to its knees as a … Read the rest of this article!