The Path To Stock Ownership Has Never Been Easier


When Benjamin Franklin was asked to name his “greatest fear” for the future of America, he stated that America was such a resource-rich country in the midst of creating unprecedented prosperity that life could potentially become too easy, and the “ethic” and “virtue” of America would be wiped away by unearned riches. When Alexis de Tocqueville visited America, he echoed similar thoughts by prophesizing that Americans may one day lose sight of the toils and struggles it took to put together the kind of economic engine that the world had never seen before.

As a history major back in the day, those reflections came to mind when I read this recent article from Dan Ritter at Wall Street Cheat Sheet chronicling the fact that most Americans have not been able to participate in the broad market rally that has been dominating the headlines in the United States for the past … Read the rest of this article!