Investing In Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Netflix, Facebook

An acquaintance of mine invested in each of the companies mentioned above. He messaged me some of his trading receipts showing scraps of thousands of dollars that are now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. I asked him how he knew to invest in these companies back in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

He said: “My dad works in privacy law, and these companies scared the shit out of him because they were getting so powerful and no one could stop them.”

The closest Warren Buffett quote that reminds me of this is the “silver bullet” test, when a young Warren Buffett said he would call around industry executives and ask them which competitor they would destroy if they could. It was Buffett’s way of ferreting out the “economic moats” for which he would later became famous.

In recent years, I think Buffett has liked keeping the halo around his head Read the rest of this article!