How Not to Build A Professional Network

Historically, life insurance, trust institutions and banks would publish monthly newsletters that would contain stodgy but factually useful advice. The Old Pennsylvania Trust’s 1938 Newsletter about losing weight suggested drinking nothing but water and eating one meal per day no later than 6:30 P.M. Rudimentary, yes, but also capturing the essence that weight loss is heavily reliant on the consumption of fewer calories.

Now, the social age has motivated the marketing departments of places like Northwestern Mutual to launch a “Redefining Retirement Series” in which they profiled a woman who quit her job after two years in the work force, titled “I Quit My Job at Facebook to Travel – And Expand My Professional Network”, with the article’s caption summary stating: “Here, one woman shares how she quit her job to travel the Middle East and Asia – while still using that time to network and grow her … Read the rest of this article!