The Demutualization Secret of Credit Unions

You’ve probably encountered the general advice that the luckiest people are the most prepared. One of the basic, ordinary decisions that you make in your life is where to bank. Unless you are affluent, travel a lot, or bounce a lot of checks, most financial institutions offer products and services that are largely indistinguishable from each other. This has been especially true during the 2008-2018 timeframe in which interest rates have been negligible.

I am firm believer that, if you can make modest tweaks to your lifestyle with almost no additional hassle, but it sets you up for the possibility of a significant reward, you should pay attention to those circumstances in life.

There is a strong advantage that comes with doing your bank and credit unions, and that is the possibility of what is called “demutualization.” A demutualization occurs when a member-owned financial institution, such as certain insurance companies … Read the rest of this article!