Merv Griffin’s Royalties From The Jeopardy Song

Even including successful lottery ticket purchasers, Merv Griffin had one of the most profitable minutes in the history of the civilization. You may recall the fortune that he made through his creation and majority ownership in various American game shows, which most notably include Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

As brilliant as Griffin was as a gameshow producer, he was just as shrewd when it came to operating his intellectual property.

In a 200 interview with the New York Times, Griffin indicated that he spent less than a minute creating the famous “Think” song that plays during the final question in Jeopardy. It was a lullaby for his son that he used as a placeholder while searching for a more official song.

Griffin never got around to changing the song, though he did bother to perform a company that consisted of nothing but the intellectual property for the song. As Read the rest of this article!