Amazon Prime Delivery: A Historical Context

When up-and-coming Western and Southern entrepreneurs wanted to kickstart their wealth-building process in the mid-1800s, they turned their attention towards one lucrative source of income—mail transportation contracts from the United States government. In 1845, Congress created something called star routes, which awarded mail distribution networks automatically to the lowest bidder with no conditions except those affecting “celerity, certainty, and security.” Each of these terms was noted on receipts with a *, and the *** led to the star-route nomenclature.

It was a great way for a young entrepreneur to get some responsibility and a claim on a profit source that could climb correspondingly with effort.

The bold promise of the United States Post Office—the guaranteed delivery of mail—required a lot of private businessmen busting their butts to get the mail to a post office location. Remember that the United States didn’t even authorize the construction of a highway until 1956, … Read the rest of this article!