How Hardship Makes A Strong Investor

Charlie Munger had to bury his adolescent son. Warren Buffett had to deal with his mother’s mental instability and his father’s death while a relatively young man. Seth Klarman had to deal with the pain of his parent’s divorce at an early age. When Peter Lynch was ten years old, his father died of cancer. Benjamin Graham was a British immigrant following the death of his father as a toddler.

A common thread among the world’s most successful investors is that you can point to some aspect of their life in which they experienced a significant hardship. It is entirely possible that the experience of these personal hardships have contributed to their ability to be successful investors.

When you own a business, either outright or as an investor in shares, you are going to deal with volatility. Profits will plunge. Adverse developments and news headlines will occur. The stock price … Read the rest of this article!