Johnson & Johnson Keeps Raising That Dividend

On June 12, 2018, Johnson & Johnson shareholders will receive a quarterly dividend of $0.90 for each share that they own, for a total annual payout of $3.60 compared to the prior year’s level of $0.84 and $3.36, for a 7.14% dividend hike.

 I would imagine no shareholder reading this website can remember owning the stock for a year in which the dividend was not raised. After all, the dividend payment has increased every year since 1963. Now that Johnson & Johnson is a $341 billion company, the dividend growth that continues at a rate of more than double the prevailing inflation rate suggests that the New Brunswick healthcare giant has developed an unusual formula for making you wealthy if you get your name on the ownership of shares and never part with them.

Where’s the magic?

I see it in three places.

Johnson & Johnson relies upon a decentralized Read the rest of this article!