Warren Buffett’s Colossal Stake in Apple

There are very few parallels in Warren Buffett’s investing career that can match the amount of cash that he has put forward to buy an ownership stake in a publicly traded stock. With Berkshire’s American Express and Coca-Cola stake, valued at $15 billion and $18 billion respectively, Buffett only put a little over $1 billion into each–the economic value of the investments became enormous because because they compounded at a nice clip over the past three decades. Berkshire’s $11 billion investment in Wells Fargo, worth around $30 billion today, is the largest amount of initial capital dedicated to an investment out of any current Berkshire holding.

This Apple move completely dwarfs that. Buffett has sunk $30-$35 billion of Berkshire’s own cash reserves into shares of Apple stock now worth between $40-$45 billion. The $10 billion gain that Berkshire already makes it one of only nine Buffett investors that have gone … Read the rest of this article!