GlaxoSmithKline Dividends For The Long Run

When I write finance articles, I aim to motivate anyone who seeks self-improvement about the opportunities available to them and the specific steps that are necessary in order to carve out a better life. Often, this leads to discussion of business ownership, as a long-term investment in a well-chosen investment can often provide you with the economic resources that will best help you fulfill your duties to your family, your work, and your other activities. Within this backdrop of general optimism, I also seek to strike a cautionary note so that expectations are calibrated appropriately.

GlaxoSmithKline provides a useful example of what I mean by expectation calibration.

For almost all of the past fifteen years, the British pharma and consumer healthcare company has not seen its valuation increase. Pick almost any year in the past generation, and you could likely find the opportunity to purchase the stock somewhere in the Read the rest of this article!