How Religious Institutions Manipulate Charitable Giving

C.S. Lewis lamented the use of hyperbole and superlatives like “awesome”, “most magnificent”, and “greatest ever” being used in ordinary discourse because it leaves no elevated terms remaining to use when the elevated term would actually be appropriate.

That came to mind recently when I concluded that nauseating is the appropriate term to describe the difference between donors and recipients of large charitable contributions in the United States today (especially religious institutions).

Often, when making pitches for donations, religious institutions will invoke the prospect of heavenly rewards and including messaging that conveniently argues that giving money to them constitutes “doing the right thing.” The campaigns are conducted in the most moral terms you can imagine, with consultants and advertising employees often hired to help craft letters that use the most effective words and craftsmenship that induce wealthy individuals to make gifts and bequests.

The nauseating part is that, after making … Read the rest of this article!