$325,000 Profits From Selling Artisan Soap

In 2014, the wife of one of my college friends was looking to develop some type of business launch while she was at home nursing and raising their first child together.

She remembered that her grandmother had a family-famous recipe for face-cleansing soap that was passed down between the recipes.

Armed with the soap recipe, she began to create three-packs of the soap bars that she sold online in the usual places.

Because she felt a connection with her grandmother’s insistence on quality, and because she had the free time to do it right, she would discard any misshapen soap and offered a 100% refund guarantee to any customer that desired a refund.

She actually cared about the product she was selling and wanted everything created through this fusion of her own labor and the wisdom of grandmother’s ghost to be associated with high quality.

At first, she would sell … Read the rest of this article!