The Value Of Local Business Dominance

I have a friend that launched his own pizza parlor with his long-term girlfriend. They are the only workers, and get to keep whatever they earn.

They have entered an industry of brutal competition that has existed at least since Domino’s launched their 2 for $5.99 each deal almost a decade ago. Competing on costs, or ease of internal technologies, with these entrenched pizza giants is almost possible.

But they did do something ingenious. They posted numerous signs in four local apartment complexes that said (i) if you order via their g-mail account and (ii) self-identify as a member of one of those four apartment complexes, your $19.99 will be $15. And if you specify in the e-mail the time you’d like the pizza to arrive, they’ll comply with it.

He delivers the pizza in a 2009 Honda Civic and operates out of a leasing space that is under 1,000 … Read the rest of this article!