What Is Going On With Derek Jeter?

Throughout his playing career, Derek Jeter received a public reputation that made him a modern-day Stan Musial—supremely talented, scandal-free, humble, and even wholesome. He became the ideal—athletes of today dream of having the long-term, on-field success coupled with the off-field money and reputational benefits that Jeter received.

As a part-owner of the Miami Marlins, Jeter fired Andrew Dawson, Jack McKeon, Tony Perez, and even the man who goes by the name “Mr. Marlin”, Jeff Conine. Jeter also reportedly wanted the Marlins’ play-by-play announcer fired, which happened (though network executives claimed that it made the decision independent of the Marlins’ ownership wishes).

A few days later, it became public knowledge that Jeter sought the firing of Marty Scott, an MLB talent scout of forty years who was fired while in the hospital for having a cancerous tumor removed as well as polyps from his colon. He was also awaiting a kidney … Read the rest of this article!