Getting A College Application Fee Waiver

High-school seniors experience one of their first encounters with the “fee economy” during the college application procession. Frequently, the costs of applying to certain schools can require expenditures of $60-$110 each that can leave applicants with a $1,000+ bill as the cost of getting their applications in front of admissions committees across the country. That is unnecessarily high, and with a little bit of preparation and initiative, the average high-school student can drastically lower the costs of applying to school (even if they come from a middle-class or upper-class household.)

An underutilized technique for minimizing the costs of applying to college is making requests to the school to waive their fee. Not all say yes, but the recent decline in the overall applicant pool (which peaked in 2012) has left many colleges looking for ways to increase the number of applicants that apply to their school because it can improve Read the rest of this article!