Post-Dating A Check Accomplishes Nothing

A few months ago, a friend of mine—who is a lawyer, no less!—got involved in a dilemma in which he wrote a check to a construction company that was post-dated, and the construction company deposited it immediately.

He had just finished getting a deck added to his backyard, and he had a final payment due for approximately $4,800. He had $3,500 in his bank account at the time the work was completed on a Tuesday—the same date that the construction company requested final payment.

My friend wrote a check for the $4,800, mentioned that he didn’t get paid until Friday, and requested that the construction company deposit the check a day or two after his pay day. Sure enough, the construction company deposited the check the next day, and the bank processed it and my friend had a negative -$1,300 or so balance in his account.

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