Buying T. Rowe Price Blue-Chip Growth (TRBCX) For Retirement

Shares of the T. Rowe Price Blue-Chip Growth Fund, which go by the ticker symbol TRBCX, have delivered 10% annual returns since its inception date of June 30th, 1993. It has beaten the S&P 500 index by a full percentage point each year, and has even performed half a percentage point better than the small-cap indexes.

What I like about this fund is that it is stuffed with businesses that have a ten-year trailing earnings per share growth rate of 15% while the portfolio itself only sports a P/E ratio of 20. In these moderately overvalued times, that is the best thing you can do—latch onto the fastest growing firms that are trading at prices that bear some sort of connection with reality.

It really is a “Who’s Who” fund of the fastest growing large-cap stocks. The fund is stuffed with Alphabet stock, which has grown earnings by … Read the rest of this article!