Lessons From The CVS Launch of Adrenaclick

Epipens, the epinephrine injections that provide relief to those with severe allergies that include the possibility of anaphylactic shock, had recently become politicized. The major drug manufacturer Mylan had purchased the intellectual property and distribution systems for Epipen in 2007 and subsequently raised the price for a two-pack from $99 on the date of acquisition to $608 this past May. This price increase occurred close in time to Martin Shkreli’s decision to raise the price of Daraprim tablets (used to treat protozoal infections) from $13.50 to $750 per tablet.

Amid the pharmaceutical industry’s violation of acceptable pricing norms, Americans developed an increasingly hospitable attitude towards government intervention of Big Pharma pricing. On August 24th, 2016, Democratic candidate for President Hillary Clinton sent Mylan stock down 6.2% after publicly declaring a need for more “reasonable pricing in access to drugs.” The pricing of Epipens seemed so egregious that even … Read the rest of this article!