The Subtext of Financial Advice and Investment Media Coverage

Some of my friends do the tsk-tsk lament when politicians are not sufficiently wonkish with their policy proposals. I recommend against the pearl-clutching routine because I point out to them that people with graduate degrees are only 5% of the U.S. population and are not the intended audience for most stump speeches. When I want sophistication and nuance, I look to the legislation being offered, and usually, it’s there.

It is an important life skill to recognize that not every bit of information that you encounter is intended with *you* specifically in mind as the beneficiary. At best, this imbues you with the virtue of humility. At a minimum, it will you make you a more savvy processor of information.

I ask that you keep this in mind when you read business and investment-related commentary because the goals of most sites is not to help you build a passive, intergenerational … Read the rest of this article!