Monthly Dividend Stocks Are Gimmicky

Between 2007 and 2009, approximately 34% of American stocks that pay dividends quarterly cut their payout at some point during the recession. The part I find worthy of examination? The fact that 56% of stocks that paid monthly dividends ended up cutting their payout during the recession. The same corporations that suggested you should invest in them for their cash flows had a disproportionately higher likelihood of slashing their payouts than the regular American companies that made no special promises about the future of their dividends.

How should we analyze this?

My view is that many companies have opportunistically recognized that the ability for savers to use their funds to create a meaningful monthly cash flow has been severely compromised in the past decade. There are no savings accounts or U.S. bond investments paying out 5% anymore. Adjusting to the circumstances, many of these investors took up the purchase … Read the rest of this article!