A Lifetime of Growth From Johnson & Johnson Stock Dividends

Johnson & Johnson stock has grown its dividend by 13% since 1970 and has compounded wealth for JNJ shareholders at a clip of nearly 14% over that same time frame. When you pay attention to any list of excellent long-term income investments—whether the colloquialism of the day is “Dividend King” or “Dividend Aristocrat”—Johnson & Johnson finds itself on every list of blue-chip stocks.

Many of you have already read ad nauseam—perhaps from me!—about the characteristics of this healthcare giant that make it such a superior compounder over the long haul. However, I wanted to take a moment to discuss with you some of the reasons that has made Johnson & Johnson stock such a consistently superior compounder beyond the information that you have regularly encountered.

Why Johnson & Johnson Stock Keeps Growing

Remember our recent discussions about the advantages of using the holding company structure? Well, Johnson & Johnson is … Read the rest of this article!