Wells Fargo Dividends In The Short Term

As much as some people wish it were so, a share of stock does not get enthralled with gratitude on the day that you deigned to buy it and then accelerate towards the sky in value as a show of appreciation.

Of course, we all know that building any collection of assets will, by definition, include an investment that is the worst performer. If you own 35 stocks, it is axiomatic to note that one of your holdings will be ranked 35th out of 35 in terms of overall performance.

My preference is that, given all stocks carry the possibility of fluctuating from x to 0.8x or even 0.6x, I would like to get paid in exchange for absorbing that volatility during my holding period. This is where dividends can really accelerate the future of your returns, permitting you to enjoy what John Neff called “hors d’oeuvres while waiting for … Read the rest of this article!