ExxonMobil (XOM) Dividends In Five Years

From 1978 through 1998, Exxon Mobil saw its split-adjusted stock price rise from $1.43 to $31 per share. As its production of oil, natural gas, and chemicals increased over three-fold, it was able to increase its dividend from $0.05 annually to $0.82 annually. Even if you spent every single dividend that you received, you still got to witness every $10,000 invested grow into an annual passive income stream of $5,730 within twenty years. If you reinvested, your annual income flows grow into an absurd-sounding cash flow of almost $30,000 per year because the share count was increasing every 90 days and then those new shares created new dividends that repeated the process at 80 eighty intervals over the twenty-year time frame.

My view is that ExxonMobil is frequently ignored because the price rarely seems to offer a deal and the dividend yield is usually noticeably lower than many of its … Read the rest of this article!