JP Morgan Flirts With Special Dividend

One of the first articles I ever wrote as a columnist at Seeking Alpha was titled “JP Morgan: A Smart Bet For The Patient Investor” in which I offered: “If you are a patient investor, and have a 5-10 year horizon, you will probably do quite well. I expect JP Morgan to deliver double digit dividend growth over the medium term which will eventually bring the stock price up with it.”

Since I wrote that article in November 2011, earnings at JP Morgan have grown at a 17.5% annualized rate, dividends have grown at a rate of 20.0%, and the stock price has compounded at a rate of 27.2%.

When the price of the stock goes up at a greater rate than earnings by 10% for five years in a row, it is wise to pause and reassess: Has the transition from undervaluation to fair valuation crossed over Read the rest of this article!