Ty Cobb’s Estate Would Own More Coca-Cola Stock Than Warren Buffett

A noteworthy investing passage from page 155 of Charles Alexander’s book “Ty Cobb”:

“In the 1920s, Cobb’s Coca-Cola stock would prove particularly renumerative. Since his first commercial endorsements for the soft drink in 1908, Cobb had been friends with Robert W. Woodruff, who in 1923 succeeded his father as president of the Atlanta based-business. Woodruff and Cobb were frequent hunting companions, especially at the Woodruff family’s plantation in southwestern Georgia. Many people later regretted not getting in on the ground floor with Coca-Cola, as Cobb had done; but maybe none were sorrier than three sports writers whom Cobb, relaxing in New York on the evening after he was named Tigers manager, futilely urged to buy Coca-Cola at a little more than twenty dollars per share. Within a few years that stock was worth nine times as much. Cobb himself continued to buy into Coca-Cola, whose profits and operations expanded spectacularly … Read the rest of this article!