Warren Buffett’s Investing Style In 1956

I found a great passage in Alice Schroeder’s “The Snowball” biography about Warren Buffett that covered his investing style in his 20s when he was running a partnership for family friends and affluent physics professor Homer Dodge:

“Every stock certificate was delivered directly to him, made out in the partnerships’ names, rather than left on deposit with a broker as was the usual practice. When they arrived, he carried them—smooth cream-colored diplomas in investing, engraved with finely etched drawings of railroads and bald eagles, sea beasts and toga-clad women—down to the Omaha National Bank in his own hands and placed them in a safe-deposited box. Whenever he sold a stock, he went to the bank, riffled through the collection of certificates, and mailed off the correct ones from the post office on 38th street. The bank would call to let him know when a dividend check came in to … Read the rest of this article!