My Interview With USA Investments

Mike Jefferson puts out a free investment pamphlet every month from his firm USA Investments that is aimed to increase investor literacy. These pamphlets appear in the Dallas area at business locations—auto-repair stores, dentist offices, law firms, coffee shops, and the like. Normally one of my articles is syndicated in each edition. For the November 1, 2016 edition, however, I get interviewed.

I include the transcript below:

1. Tim, how do you view the stock market right now?

The past two years or so has been the first instance in my adult life in which I thought that buying an S&P 500 index fund wasn’t a great deal. When you have a P/E ratio that will take away two percentage points a year from P/E compression, earnings per share growth around six percentage points, and dividends around two percentage points, you are really setting yourself up for six percent annual … Read the rest of this article!