Why Netflix Needs A Disney Merger

You can rarely go wrong if the basis of your search for a long-term investment hinges on the following question: “What do the profits per share figures look like over time?” It is a single-question inquiry that will exclude some investments that will do well, but it will rarely lead you to an investment candidate that will perform poorly (in other words, this question will yield few false positives.)

Right now, I’d like to talk about one of the stocks that gets excluded under such a screen: Netflix. Over the course of my adult lifetime, it has been just about the best investment you could make. Over the past eight years, it has risen in value from $2 per share to just a tad under $100 per share. Increasing your wealth fifty-fold in eight years is, needless to say, truly life-changing as even a $10k investment in Netflix has grown … Read the rest of this article!