Why Nike Stock Is Well Suited For Retirement Investing

In the United States, you would have to go back to 2005 to find the last year in which more golf courses opened than closed. And since 2011, the United States has been riding an ominous streak in which 150 or more golf courses per year closed than opened. Other data sends similar signals: Adidas is generating half as much revenue from the sale of golf clubs as it did in 2013. Dick’s Sporting Goods, after spending $200 million to acquire Golf Galaxy in 2006, made its mark soon after by hiring a PGA golf pro to staff its 522 locations. Then, it laid off all of them shortly thereafter despite lofty initial promises (those fired golf pros probably viewed their boss as living up to its name). The demographic of 18 year olds to 32 year olds now golfs at only half the rate of the same demographic back … Read the rest of this article!