Royal Dutch Shell Dividends: Perspective On Oil Drop

In 2013, the year before oil prices began to slide, shares of Royal Dutch Shell traded at an average price of $63.22. The shareholders of the dual-listed British and Dutch oil juggernaut collected $3.60 in 2013 dividends, $3.76 in 2014 dividends, $3.76 in 2015 dividends, and $1.88 in dividends through the first two quarters of 2016.

All in all, it’s been in investment that has thus far generated exactly $13 in dividends since the February 15, 2013 record for that year’s first-quarter dividend. WIth Royal Dutch Shell Class B shares trading at $50.25 as of Friday’s after hours trading, the investor that has owned the stock in a tax-advantaged account since the first quarter of 2013 has now broken even on the investment with a three cent gain for each share.

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