GrubHub Stock Deservedly Up 25% Today

If I made acquisitions for Microsoft, I would not spend my time adding LinkedIn to the stable but instead focus on the acquisition of a company like GrubHub which offers the best combination of sustainability and growth out of all the new tech companies that have arisen in the social media era.

There are four things I like about GrubHub that distinguish from many of its industry peers: (1) it actually earns a profit; (2) that profit is growing at a very high rate; (3) the expected share count dilution over the coming years is not obscene; and (4) the business model doesn’t exploit an illusory faddish concept.

GrubHub makes it money by setting up the online software and creating a platform app that permits people to make take-out and pick-up orders at restaurants that are traditionally sit-down. GrubHub has a tremendous first mover advantage in the drive-thru-ification of the … Read the rest of this article!