Nike Stock: Long-Term Investment Starting To Look Attractive

When you take growth into account, I don’t think I could name ten businesses that are preferable “buy and hold for the rest of your life” investments than Nike. Their growth reports are insane: orders are up 27% in China, women’s shoe sales are growing at a 17% rate, men’s shoes outside of the United States are growing at a 22% rate, the Nike store is expanding sales at almost 30%, and there is no segment of Nike’s business that is not growing at a rate of at least 10%. They were right to use the DJ Khaled song “All I Do Is Win” for their 2010 advertisements, but it’s also the song shareholders have been singing since the $2 million IPO in 1980.

The long-term results have been staggering: Since 1980, a $10,000 investment would have grown into $4.5 million for a 18.8% compounding rate; since 1990, the same … Read the rest of this article!