Nestle Dividend Annual Payment: $2.31 Per Share Today

Regarding Nestle stock, I wonder if I confuse “because of” with “in spite of.” In the past, I’ve written about how Nestle is one of the top businesses in the world, and is an exceptional treat investors because it nearly always trades in close proximity to its fair value range. Some businesses, like Emerson Electric and Cisco and Aflac, are especially reliant on the question “At what price did you buy it?” Others, like Colgate-Palmolive or Berkshire Hathaway or Nestle, are much more responsive to the question “Well, how long have you held it?”

Considering that other food companies, like Kellogg and Smucker, tend to get overvalued during investor “flights to safety”, you may wonder why Nestle is nearly always a fair deal for investors at nearly any given time.

Today, investors that purchased their Nestle stock through the CitiBank-facilitated stock offering received their dividend today–if you’re an ADR holder, … Read the rest of this article!