BP Stock Dividends Since 2013

I covered BP stock publicly for the first in March 2013 when the price of the gigantic oil corporation was $40.33. The article was titled “The Role of BP’s Dividend In Preserving Your Wealth Over The Medium Term.”

My thesis statement was this: “One of my favorite things to do when researching investments is to conduct studies on realistic worst-case scenarios for blue-chip stocks. Almost every time, the result I have found has been this: if the dividend remains reasonably intact and the underlying business maintains solvency, the total returns for seemingly dreadful stocks is never quite as bad as you might think by looking at a stock chart alone.”

That argument was part of my ongoing efforts to debunk some of the fear-mongering that drives a lot of investment commentary that uses the common crutch of pointing to a stock at a recent high and then citing … Read the rest of this article!