VWEHX: Vanguard High-Yield Bond Fund

VWEHX, the Vanguard High-Yield Corporate Fund, has been a great to investors since its inception in December 1978. VWEHX has generated 8.41% annual returns durings its thirty-two years in existence, which would turn a $10,000 investment into $146,000 over that time frame. Better yet, VWEHX has been the near perfect bond fund to own if you are after high current over the long run, as $108,000 of those gains would have come from income generated from the bond holdings that would be passed on to you.

The terms of a VWEHX would have been this: For every dollar you put into the investment, you got to collect $10.80 in total over the span of regular monthly payments that occurred over the following 30+ years. VWEHX has been the best way to enter the junk bond market, as the strategy involves buying over four hundred companies with low credit quality and … Read the rest of this article!