BP Dividend: Is It Safe?

The BP dividend has experienced a heck of a decade. Prior to the Gulf Oil spill in 2010, the history of the BP dividend was a thing of beauty. There had been no cuts to the BP dividend since the creation of American traded ADS shares in 1999, and even before that, the BP dividend had never been cut since the London shares switched to a quarterly dividend payment style in 1993. From 1964 through 1993, the BP dividend was paid out in two installments: a “final” BP dividend in July that generally increased each year, and a much lower interim BP dividend that was paid in January and experienced some ebbs and flows with the business cycle.

Although this fact doesn’t get as much attention now, the BP dividend was once regarded as so reliable that it constituted 10% of the overall income created for British pensions in 2010. … Read the rest of this article!