United Technologies: A Great Long-Term Dividend Investment

What’s the great joy of poring through annual reports of individual investments? Knowing that United Technologies exists, and being able to immediately recognize that the stock is a good deal at $86 per share. It’s never really entered the popular imagination of the investing public as it is a large industrial that doesn’t have many products on the consumer side. If you have encountered United Technologies in day-to-day life, it is probably through the Otis subsidiary that makes the Otis elevators, walkways, and escalators which has a true 100% of business monopoly in some areas.

Usually, there are three ways for an investment to catch someone’s attention. It can be a business
that is immediately obvious to the public (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon); it can be a business with an unusually high dividend yield; or it can be a firm with a very high projected growth rate that earns it … Read the rest of this article!