Church & Dwight Stock: Excellent Track Record, Tolerable Price

You want to know what you could have bought back in 1989 that would have gone on to perform better than Wells Fargo? The world’s largest sodium bicarbonate producer, Church & Dwight. While Wells Fargo compounded at 14.75% annually since 1989–turning $25,000 into $973,000–Church & Dwight has managed to compound at a rate of 15.95% annually since 1989 to turn the same hypothetical $25,000 investment into $1.284 million today. I could find no year-over-year measuring period in which the profits at Church & Dwight have failed to grow (I reviewed data back to 1995).

I had been slow to cover Church & Dwight much on the site for two reasons. The first is that, by the time I really discovered the company, it was trading at a strong premium. I think I really recognized the strength of the business back in 2014. The problem is that it was trading at … Read the rest of this article!